Dusters & Sprayers Supply Inc., the world’s largest inventory of Stearman parts, has been acquired by AirCorps Depot, under the management of AirCorps Aviation.

The goal of AirCorps Depot is simple: preserve and provide world-class parts at a fair price, have proactive solutions, and provide outstanding customer service. We strive to put more into the warbird industry than we take out, to innovate, and to keep these iconic aircraft flying safely for future generations.

The AirCorps Depot website has been supporting aircraft and selling parts across the globe for more than 10 years. By acquiring the assets of Dusters & Sprayers under the AirCorps Depot name, we will manage and build this incredible Stearman inventory alongside our P-51 Mustang parts inventory, while also using its capital and network to acquire parts vital to the warbird industry.

We couldn’t have turned this dream into a reality without the support of the Dusters & Sprayers owner George Hector, the dedicated Dusters & Sprayers team, passionate supporters of the warbird industry who have recognized our capabilities, continue to support our work, and encouraged us to make this acquisition.

AirCrops Aviation stated on its website “We are thankful for and excited to work with George, Kay, Laci, and Tim during this transition to keep parts available and to serve operators and maintainers. The Dusters & Sprayers team has carried the torch from its original American Dusting Company in the 1940s. We know from experience the amount of work behind the scenes it takes to serve operators and it takes dedicated people to keep airplanes operating safely.”

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