The Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 is the largest twin-engine commercial jet transport in service today. In 1990, approval to proceed with its development was contingent on defining an airplane the airlines would buy at a price Boeing could afford.

Innovative processes were developed and implemented that focused on achieving customer preference and reduced program cost. These processes centered on Design Build Teams, Digital Product Definition, and Digital Preassembly.

A few years after delivery of the first airplanes, the data showed that the processes made the 777 the preferred airplane, lowered program costs as predicted, and set new standards and expectations for the development of jet transport aircraft.

The Boeing 777’s unique combination of superior range, outstanding fuel efficiency and passenger-preferred comfort has created long-range success for carriers around the world.

The best long-range twin jet in the world

A claim confirmed by an anonymous Captain & Instructor on many Airbus types and Boeing 777 who explains;

‘The Boeing 777 is the best long-range twin jet in the world. So far it is Boeing’s most successful twin engine airplane for the simple reason that it can carry a huge payload (passengers & cargo i.e. $) and go the distance. This is usually a tradeoff in aviation design and achieving both is a complex process. It has also been flying for over 30 years, with some updates along the way, but nothing beats the test of long years of flying.

‘As for whether pilots love it or not? That is a subjective answer but it is the best airplane I have ever flown. I have been flying for 25 years with almost 20,000 hours of flying and instructing on many Airbus types and on the Boeing 777. The Boeing 777 is by far the best plane I have ever flown. The airplane is strong and feels that way. Important in the challenging weather situations, turbulence and cross wind landings etc. this plane feels like a well-designed heavy-duty truck that I can completely control and trust to be safe.

‘As for the cons they are 2 for me: the cockpit is very dry, by numbers it is significantly more dry than the Sahara desert! and a bit noisy. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but when flying Ultra Long Range for 12-18 hours, these factors are not cute for the pilots. That is why the new generation airplanes Boeing 787 as well as Airbus 350 have humidifiers on board to improve the quality of air in that regard.’

Captain & Instructor on several Airbus and Boeing types explains why the Boeing 777 is the best long-range twin jet in the world

Photo credit: Eddie Maloney from North Las Vegas USA / 777-300ER VS. A320 and Bill Larkins / VAoverUnited via Wikipedia