Friday photo: Generations of air travel
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dc3 airplane parked on ramp

The view: A DC-3 sits outside the Frontiers of Flight museum ramp as a 737NG shadow departs.  The first 737-300 delivered to Southwest airlines is also just visible in the upper left corner.

The pilot: Chris Schaich

The airplane: Boeing 737

The mission: I had flown into Dallas prior to this and saw the DC-3 sitting at the end of the taxiway near the Frontiers of Flight museum.  On this flight I was riding in back, a “dead head”, and thought I might be able to capture our shadow with the DC-3. 

The memory: It has been said the DC-3 introduced the nation to air travel.  The dependable DC-3 was a staple of air travel well into the jet age.  Now the 737 has taken that role as one of the most prolific airliners still in production and service.  This photo depicts the generations of travel together almost like a hand off, the Dc-3 settling into retirement as the Next Gen 737 continues the mission.

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