Only a few more weeks until the June 8 opening of The Museum of Flight’s newest exhibition, Home Beyond Earth. The major new temporary exhibit was conceived and created by the Museum as an immersive experience in three galleries with a focus on the past, present and future of space stations and living in orbit around the Earth. Digital “passport” cards will allow visitors to personalize their journey through the exhibit and build an imagined life in a space station of their choice. Home Beyond Earth will display over fifty artifacts, models, space-flown objects and uniforms, while large digital projections will enliven the galleries with photos, videos and vintage space art. The exhibit runs until Jan. 20, 2025 and is included with Museum general admission.

Today’s new era of spaceflight promises space hotels, orbiting cities and industrial jobs on the Moon. Home Beyond Earth will show how far we have come in realizing this vision and help us ponder the consequences of moving humankind from the home planet.

Fun and thought-provoking programs about space life will complement the exhibition nearly every week throughout the year. Astronauts, space industry leaders, authors and futurists will cover topics ranging from sci-fi and living in space with disabilities, to space archeology and space law. Look for space-related Weekend Family Workshops too.