During WWII, Goodyear Aircraft Corporation (GAC) manufactured approximately 4,000 Corsairs, categorized into three main variants: the FG-1, FG-1A, and FG-1D. These variants closely resembled Vought-Sikorsky’s F4U-1, F4U-1A, and F4U-1D designs, respectively. GAC also constructed a few more specialized Corsair models, including the FG-3, FG-4, and F2G. However, none of these variants were ever produced on a large scale.
The FG-1D Corsair under rebuild in the MAPS Air Museum’s restoration workshop. Note the P&W R-2800 engine with its partial Corsair cowling attached to the right of the image. [Photo via Moreno Aguiari]
Located near the former GAC plant in Akron, Ohio the MAPS Air Museum in nearby Canton seeks to honor the aerospace manufacturer’s significant contributions to aviation history by showcasing relevant artifacts to the public. Apart from their extensive work on lighter-than-air designs GAC gained prominence for their licensed production of Vought-Sikorsky’s renowned WWII aircraft, the formidable F4U Corsair.
It’s worth noting that MAPS had been actively pursuing a Goodyear-built Corsair for their museum for several years before finally obtaining a partial airframe for display. This particular aircraft was the remnants of FG-1D BuNo.76671, which had been part of Goodyear’s ‘World of Rubber’ museum in Akron for over fifty years until its closure in August 2009.
The Corsair as it appeared soon after its arrival at the MAPS Air Museum. [Photo via MAPS Air Museum]
Since our visit on March 27th, 2023 there has been notable progress toward achieving the Museum’s ultimate goal of having a static example of a Goodyear-built FG-1D Corsair. The Museum has successfully acquired rims that were previously mounted on a hay wagon. Following restoration efforts, they now appear brand new. Additionally, the museum has obtained front landing gear parts, although they still require additional work. Their dedicated volunteers are diligently tackling each component, step by step, bringing us closer to the project’s completion.
[Photo via MAPS Air Museum]

Last year Dennis Bachtel, chairman of the MAPS Air Museum’s board, was kind enough to give us a tour of the Corsair project. Our very own Mo Aguiari conducted the interview in the video below which we feel sure readers will enjoy.

Anyone wishing to help contribute to this worthy project, or another project at the MAPS Air Museum, should click HERE to find out how to help.