The Tampa Bay Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has achieved a significant milestone with the arrival of their first assigned aircraft, a Fairchild PT-19A, bearing the Army Air Corps serial number 42-48004. This event marks a new chapter for the Tampa Bay Wing (TBW), emphasizing their dedication to preserving and honoring aviation history.

The Fairchild PT-19 was crucial in training numerous pilots who served in the war. Renowned for its versatility, the PT-19 had various designations depending on the installed powerplant, reflecting its adaptability and importance in the training programs of the era. The TBW PT-19, now housed in Hangar C at SUN ‘n FUN at Lakeland International Airport, has become a source of pride and excitement for the Wing. The official welcome party for the PT-19 is scheduled for Saturday, June 15, and promises to be a grand celebration.

Looking ahead, the TBW is eager to share this remarkable aircraft with the community, preserving its legacy and educating future generations about its pivotal role in aviation history. The upcoming welcome party is set to be a memorable event, marking the beginning of many new adventures with their cherished PT-19A.

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