Why The Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud’s mission is to build and maintain a content aggregation website owned and operated by people who know and love aviation. Our intent is to feature articles and videos from the best aviation news, lifestyle, and legacy sources on the web.

The concept of The Flying Cloud grew from a serious concern for the future of aviation media. You can read more about it here.

We hope The Flying Cloud will be a convenient way to gain insight, share experiences, or just “plane” enjoy what the field of aviation has to offer. So whether you are a busy aviation professional, a weekend pilot, the hobbyist, the high schooler contemplating a career in aviation or even the middle schooler dreaming of flight, we hope The Flying Cloud will become your go-to website for the latest aviation news and information.

The Flying Cloud is based on an innovative approach to article and video aggregation and distribution. The Flying Cloud will provide an additional source of referral traffic for aviation publishers, journalists, and video creators. For more information, please check out the FAQ: “How Do I Suggest A Source?”.

We will do our best to find and feature relevant articles and videos. But, we also need to hear from you. What articles and/or videos should we feature on The Flying Cloud? To suggest an article or video, please check out the FAQ: “How Do I Submit An Article?”.

John Chvatal

John Chvatal

Founder & CEO of Trinity Aviation Solutions LLC

AvGeek / Photographer – Specializing in Social Media Consulting, WordPress Web Development, and SEO.

I grew up on a private airstrip surrounded by aviation-minded family and friends. This led me to a desire for a career that involved aviation in some form. Through my teen years, I was drawn like a magnet to computer technology. After founding Gazing Skyward TV to share my love of aviation history with others, I realized how passionate I was about making computer technology work for the betterment of the aviation community, specifically in the area of digital media.

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John Chvatal  | Trinity Aviation Solutions LLC  |  Gazing Skyward TV   |  The Flying Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Submit An Article?
The easiest way for you to submit an article is to add the hashtag #FlyingCloudNews to a tweet that contains a link to an article or YouTube video you would like to submit. We use a set of tools to “listen” to what articles people and businesses are tweeting about.  If you frequently tweet out aviation articles and/or videos, you can follow The Flying Cloud on Twitter. We may add you to a Twitter List or follow you back so we can “listen” to what aviation articles you are tweeting out.

Aviation Businesses

Let us know when an article is published about your aviation product or service by adding the hashtag #FlyingCloudNews to your tweet. Also, please fill out the form below with an email address that we can use for media inquiries. In the bottom text field, please include links to your website and social media profiles.

Aviation Journalists and Video Creators

We are also working on a streamlined process for aviation journalists and video creators to submit articles and videos for featuring on The Flying Cloud. If you write primarily for one aviation publication, we suggest that you check out the FAQ: “How Do I Suggest a Source?”. Adding a source may be more efficient than submitting on a per article basis. This streamlined submission process is ideal for aviation journalists who write for non-aviation publications. Please fill out the form below and we will let you know when this feature launches.

Aviation Museums and Nonprofits

We are working on a streamlined process for aviation museums and nonprofits to submit articles for featuring on The Flying Cloud. Many articles written about aviation museums and nonprofits are aired on local TV stations and published in local newspapers. This proves to be a tough challenge for us. We need you to inform us when an article or video is published about you. Please fill out the form below and we will let you know when this feature launches.  

How Do I Suggest A Source?
We are interested in hearing which aviation sources you would like to see featured on The Flying Cloud. At this time, we are able to add sources from websites and YouTube. No two websites are built the same way. Adding a website source can range widely from easy to difficult; so having contact info for the editor of the website would be helpful.

Instructions for the Reader

The Flying Cloud’s goal is to be the best website to catch up on the latest in aviation news, lifestyle and legacy articles and videos. In light of this goal, we are looking to add more sources whenever there is sufficient interest from the aviation community.

Instructions for the Editor

We encourage editors of aviation websites and YouTube channels to apply for the opportunity to have their articles and videos featured on The Flying Cloud.

If accepted, the website RSS feed(s) submitted via follow-up email must closely match the theme of one of The Flying Cloud pages located under the “Aviation News” or “Lifestyle & Legacy” tabs and be a valid RSS feed. It is advisable that the submitted RSS feed(s) also contain image thumbnails that are 360 pixels or wider. For YouTube channels that are accepted, by default, we subscribe to your YouTube channel and manually curate your videos. We may also decide to add videos by playlist or even the whole channel.


Source Submission Form

How Do I Join The Conversation?
You can follow The Flying Cloud on: Google+: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:   Join the OFFICIAL Community for The Flying Cloud: Official Community: Use the hashtag #FlyingCloud for general discussions. Use the hashtag #FlyingCloudNews for submitting articles and YouTube videos on Twitter (see FAQ: “How Do I Submit An Article?” for more info). Hashtags work great on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram but do not work very well on Facebook.
How do I advertise on The Flying Cloud?
In the near future, we will be adding a self-checkout feature that will allow you to buy ad placements on The Flying Cloud. Until then, you are welcome to use the contact form below to inquire about top of the page or tab sponsorships.
How Do I Get A Question Answered That Isn't Listed?
Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us your questions, comments, and feedback. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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